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Why “The New Normal” has created a perfect storm for enterprise IT networks and security

The global pandemic has completely changed the way in which global enterprises operate and do business. Employees demand from their employers the ability to work remotely, wherever and whenever they want. For Enterprise IT managers, the post-pandemic “New Normal” era has already changed the corporate IT network and security requirements. All corporate data needs to be available everywhere and anytime.

For Enterprises: There has never been a bigger need to safeguard uninterrupted connectivity and security to protect the company’s assets.

In this article you will learn how new sophisticated security standards and network monitoring systems will secure your enterprise IT network. Most important: How they will protect your corporate image, prevent loss of revenues and keep your employees and customers safe.

How are your enterprise IT connectivity and security affected?

Due to the enormous increase in remote work, keeping the corporate networks up-and-running and secure has become a top priority for IT managers. The traditional telco networks may no longer be able to ensure 100% uptime as they used to, as we have described in our previous blog article.

Enterprises can no longer rely on a single telecom provider to prevent the network from experiencing outages and delays.

With enterprise digital transformation well underway and a very strong increase in remote work, the post-pandemic “New Normal” has now created a perfect storm. The continuity of IT networks and security are in real danger, to potentially becoming a victim of connectivity interruptions, potential hacks, and sensitive data breaches.

What is at risk if enterprises don’t change immediately?

Enterprises that don’t adapt to the rapidly changing connectivity and security threats of today, will eventually face downtime and loss of productivity. Many enterprises will sooner or later become a victim of targeted DDoS attacks or sophisticated phishing attacks, that can go undetected by less-advanced security systems. An intelligent targeted ransomware attack will lock all corporate data, which will lead to a serious security incident. It can lead to severe damage of a company’s corporate image, loss of revenues and customers.

The most important question enterprises should ask themselves, is what downtime and a breach of confidential data could cost them in terms of time, money and corporate image. The responsible IT manager should also reflect on the question, what a serious incident could mean to his own position in the company and that of his team.

What can enterprises do to protect data and avoid downtime?

It is recommended that enterprises look for a managed service provider, that can provide a one-stop shop to manage both the network and security. A managed service that can handle complex network failover and offer a full security suite on all IT endpoints and data traffic flows. Employees and customers should never have to experience any network or security event taking place, as everything is fully tested and monitored.

Why should enterprises invest in a combined managed security and connectivity system?

To ensure uninterrupted service, it is recommended that enterprises invest in a fully managed networking & security system. For example LGA’s Dual Core NetDefense: A fully managed service, which combines both network and security protection under one roof.

“Dual Core” means that the system can manage and protect two separate Telco connections. If ”Service Provider A” experiences a network outage, then the traffic will be automatically rerouted by NetDefense to the other ”Service Provider B”. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity for enterprise customers to the internet or intranet. In addition, NetDefense comes with DDoS Protection and SOC (Security Operation Centre) service, that focuses on real-time threat detection and incident response. This protects the enterprise network automatically from network outages as well as all common and emerging security threats, such as malware and ransomware, phishing, DDoS, and Intrusions.

What additional security benefits can enterprises expect with NetDefense?

Enterprise users of NetDefense will experience unparalleled connectivity, eliminating the chances of single-point of failure. This is possible thanks to the dual core solution as shown in the diagram above. It provides intelligent traffic monitoring and network architecture, pre-configured exactly to each individual customer requirements. The sophisticated security platform will inspect all traffic flows and block unwanted content from entering the network. NetDefense’s threat response system can immediately detect and stop any attack, before it can manifest and cause any damage.

Enterprises can rest assured, that their remote workers and all endpoints are safe, thanks to the built-in Netdefense VPN service.

The comprehensive anti-DDoS service will prevent any attack from disrupting the company network. All malicious traffic can be cleaned and diverted away from the network, to ensure that only legitimate traffic will be allowed to pass through the servers.

Netdefense’s automated identity management and 24/7 support, make it a perfect all-in-one solution. It is ideal for global enterprises seeking the best security and network management service on the market, with advanced incident logging for legal, compliance and audit purposes.

Enterprises that are already using the NetDefense system, now enjoy improved network visibility and performance. They have uplifted their security controls with 24/7 monitoring over their users and endpoints in the network.

For more information or a live product demonstration, please contact LGA Telecom.


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