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Why Telcos’ Exchange Diversification Cannot Protect You Against Network Outage

In this digital era, always-on internet connectivity or intranet connectivity is a core part of any organisation’s operability. If the network is facing an outage, all the critical job functions, operations get paused, hurting productivity, reputation and resulting in huge business losses.

As reliable connectivity become a major concern for organisations, business leaders need to embrace the concept of service provider diversity in their infrastructure plan instead of relying on a single telco to propose exchange diversity.

So what is a Telco’s exchange?

Telco's Exchange

A Telco’s exchange is a physical location that facilitates the interconnection of bandwidth and web traffic between different Telcos, allowing end-users to exchange information through their network.

Is Your Telecom Provider Advanced Enough to Handle Network Outages?

As the remote work model has become the new normal for businesses, network performance issues such as poor or non-reliant internet connectivity, glitches, and quality drops are frequently encountered. Engaging a single telco for your internet or intranet connectivity provides ​​limited network reliability, and network outages can happen if their core network fails. Your customers and workforce will face outages whenever the telco’s network is down, thus impeding your business continuity.

As network outages and breakdowns in your telco’s exchange can occur anytime, critical operations and workdays are likely to get impacted if businesses rely on just one telco service provider and expect zero interruption at all times.

Thus, a robust telecom diversity is required to deal with all connectivity issues and ensure that your organisation faces no business disruption.

Why Your Business Needs A Telco-Neutral Network Solution Like LGA’s Dual Core

To make your business future-proof and boost the resilience of your network infrastructure, it is essential to establish true diversity. You need to complement your existing telecom service provider with an alternative telco infrastructure provider that will act as a backup option in case of network disasters or failures.

Let’s understand this with the help of an architectural diagram:

As illustrated above, each telecom service provider has its own exchanges in different locations - Exchange 1, Exchange 2, Exchange 3, and so on, which provides exchange diversification to its customers. But, when the telco’s experiences a network outage, all their exchanges go down as well, resulting in customer outages.

LGA’s Dual Core is a telco-neutral solution where we supply internet/intranet lines from different telecommunication service providers. So, when one telco (Service Provider A) faces a network outage, the traffic is rerouted to the other telco (Service Provider B). This architecture allows customer to switch between two service providers without changing IP addresses.

Let’s deep dive into the key features & benefits of implementing LGA Dual Core in your network ecosystem:

  1. Full Network Redundancy: LGA Dual Core works on a well-covered system when it comes to operational efficiency. Backed by dual links from two different telco infrastructure service providers (NGN & Non-NGN), it eliminates the chances of single-point failures. This leads to nearly never-occurring network outage as downtime faced by one server has no impact on the other, i.e., you get uninterrupted network serviceability.

  2. Auto Failover: Attaining zero interruption is now possible with Dual Core’s auto-failover capability. In scenarios where one link is down, you can still be connected to the internet using the other link so that your business-critical operations and applications are always up and running.

  3. Scalable Bandwidth: As your business and network requirements continue to evolve, bandwidth is easily scalable to support data transmission across network connections.

  4. Service Level Assurance (SLA): LGA enables you with high performance, highly available internet lines with 99.999% SLA, ensuring a stable, resilient network connection.

  5. Wide Coverage: The Dual Core technology provides a diversified and secure network coverage, including island-wide telco exchanges.

Thus, our cost-effective solution that operates with two internet connectivity links (dual source) from different telcos ensures near-zero downtime in service connectivity (i.e. no outages on home or office networks) and avoids a single point of failure.

Moreover, LGA being the single point of contact in managing all your connectivity needs end-to-end, network planning, solution implementation, and issue resolution become hassle-free.


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