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Case Study


A SFA-Certified Fintech Company Streamlines its Telecommunications and Network Security with LGA's Next-Gen Managed Solutions

“Leading telcos generally do not come up with a proposed solution. They just implement whatever they’ve collected in customer query forms or as per our suggestions and perform business as usual (BAU). They do not take the extra mile and recommend what might be more efficient for us or an out-of-the-box solution that is not in our knowledge. In this respect, LGA stands out as it comes in with a comprehensive suite of proposed solutions that address all the challenges experienced before.”

- Spokesperson, the Fintech Company

Customer Challenges and Business Impact after Implementation


The business system would remain inoperative for quite some time whenever their telecom provider faced network downtime


Lack of proper monitoring of the business telecommunication infrastructure 


The time to issue resolution was higher due to lags in the networks


Implemented with two different telco lines between two data centres to ensure business continues to function even another line is down. 


Provides 24/7 network and security monitoring services for business continuity


Ensure network redundancy for the company system and fulfil business contingency required by the payment service

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Key Metrics: The Before & After Scenario


Zero downtime due to presence of backup connection from different telco.


20% increase in overall customer experience due to on-time resolutions and prompt service

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Comprehensive managed network security solution


LGA Connectivity

Execute mission-critical tasks with near zero downtime


DDoS Protection

A fully managed DDoS protection to stop multi-gigabit DDoS attacks

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