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Intercept X

Next-Gen Endpoint Protection that Defends Against Unknown Malware, Exploits and Ransomware

Sophos Intercept X - Intelligence Endpoint and Detection Response (EDR) Solution 

Sophos Intercept X employs a comprehensive, defense in depth approach to endpoint protection, rather than relying on one primary security technique. This layered approach combines modern and traditional techniques to stop the latest cybersecurity threats. The combination of deep learning AI, anti-ransomware capabilities, exploit prevention and other techniques have built Sophos Intercept X to be one of the best endpoint detection and response solutions in the market.


Key Benefits

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Stop Unknown Threats

Deep learning AI excels at detecting and blocking malware by scrutinizing file attributes from hundreds of millions of samples to identify threats without the need for a signature.

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Block Ransomware

Intercept X includes advanced anti-ransomware capabilities that detect and block the malicious encryption processes used in ransomware attacks.

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Prevent Exploits

Anti-exploit technology stops the exploit techniques that attackers rely on to compromise devices, steal credentials and distribute malware, thus protect business against file-less attacks and zero-day exploits.

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Layered Defenses

Intercept X utilizes a combination of modern and traditional techniques such as application lockdown, web control, data loss prevention and signature-based malware detection to reduce the attack surface, and provide the best defense in depth.

LGA Managed Service - Security Operation Centre (SOC)  

On top of unleashing the full technological capabilities of Sophos Intercept X, LGA owns our very own Security Operation Centre (SOC) to provide you with robust 24/7 security monitoring, as well as timely alerting and response to threats for your piece of mind.

Alert Analysis

Email Notification

Threat Analysis Reports

Security Events Log

24/7 Support

Protects All Your Endpoints on All Your Platforms

Get complete protection for all your endpoints. Works across all your desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, and mobile devices. Works across all major operating systems.

More About Sophos Intercept X

Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) gives organizations the tools to quickly answer critical threat hunting and IT operations questions. Intercept X Advanced with XDR goes beyond the endpoint, pulling in a rich network, email, and cloud to give you an even broader picture of your cybersecurity posture.




Sophos Intercept X with LGA Managed Service

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