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What is SD-WAN?

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a software-defined networking solution that allows enterprises to leverage WAN connections to securely connect users to applications over large geographic distances. The software-based virtualization enables network abstraction that results in the simplification of network operations.

As applications are gradually migrating to the cloud, traditional WANs has become a less effective as they were never architected for the cloud. SD-WAN has become an enhancement for traditional branch routers with virtualization appliances that can control application-level policies and offer a network overlay. As a result, less expensive consumer-grade Internet link can act more like a dedicated circuit. 

Today, many organizations are looking for SD-WAN deployment to overcome latency and poor performance at a lower cost as SD-WAN offers significant business value for organizations with distributed branches in terms of business agility and the ability to leverage the Internet bandwidth economics.

Advantages of SD-WAN

Application Performance Optimization

Application access optimization to major cloud providers for branch locations. Maximize performance and latency to key productivity cloud applications for remote locations.

Increase Network Agility

Fast adaptation to changing demands on adding access to cloud-based services, setting up new branches, and dynamic monitoring of all traffic for optimized application and data delivery. 

Reduce Cost

Deliver Hybrid WAN with ease and enable branch offices with ordinary broadband as enterprise-grade WAN. Reduce hardware-delivery costs by choosing from deployment options such as virtual-machines.

Centralized Management

Central orchestrator monitors all network activities and updates configurations and policies to each network node with greater efficiency. Real-time analytics and reports allow greater performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

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How SD-WAN Works?

Connecting your branch networks through a centralised management, SD-WAN simplifies your WAN management through a cloud-based model, enabling traffic to be routed more intelligently based on priority, quality of service and security network requirements. This results in  heightened performance, security and unprecedented agility to your network.

Centralized Management

Application Access Optimization

Branch Agility Improvement

Simplify Branch Network













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